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Raptor-16 - LCD Scroller Demo
This example code demonstrates how to display a moving string of text on a 20x4 LCD Display controlled by the Raptor-16 Microprocessor. The text moves around the outside of the LCD, firstly going from left to right across the top, then top to bottom on the right, then right to left across the bottom and finally bottom to top on the left. This sequence is then repeated indefinitely, as can be seen below.

The source code should work with any LCD that uses the HD44780 and can easily be modified to suit any module. For testing purposes a Powertip PC 2004A was used.

Design Source
The assembly source code for the above LCD demo can be found below:- All the files required to implement this demo in a Xilinx FPGA can be found in the zip file on the Raptor-16 homepage.