SpaceWire UK
Specialist providers of VHDL Intellectual Property & Design Services
About Us
SpaceWire UK are specialist providers of VHDL Intellectual Property & Design Services for the Space Industry, and although our main expertise is with SpaceWire, the telecommunications standard selected by both ESA and NASA, we also deal with companies closer to earth.

For an organisation that deals mainly with the technology of the future, we have our feet planted firmly on the ground when it comes to design, test and prototype. Our belief in what some would regard as old-fashioned ideals are actually one of our biggest strengths.

After many years working on flight silicon at Marconi, Steve Haywood, the founder of SpaceWire UK, learnt that good old fashioned low-level design techniques are still the best and only way to achieve both a safe and fully testable design.

We view creating a design as the easy part, the fun part if you will, but it is not until a design undergoes our brutal and lengthy test procedure that we are totally happy with it. Our celebrations only start after the testing phase is complete and not a minute before.

Once we are happy that a design is fully working in simulation we then, and only then, prototype it in a Xilinx FPGA. 99 out of 100 times our designs work first time in silicon, and this is something that we are very proud of.

Further information on all our products can be found in the IP Catalogue, and should you wish to evaluate any of our Intellectual Property, this can be requested from the Contact page. Please be aware that we do engineer bugs into all our evaluation sources, this is to prevent IP theft. The bugs are very subtle and designed to cost more in engineering time to find and fix than the cost of our bronze license.