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Hello and welcome to SpaceWire UK, the specialist providers of VHDL Intellectual Property and Design Services.

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Latest News
23 Jun 2013 - The SpaceWire UK website re-design goes live.

30 Jun 2006 - All SpaceWire IP is now available to evaluate, see the Contact Page to obtain your copy today.

24 Apr 2005 - New (fixed) Contact Page added. Apologies to anyone whose enquiries did not get forwarded. Also a fully integrated SpaceWire Switch + CODEC can now be requested for evaluation, which also includes time-code distribution.

10 Dec 2004 - Actel 100Mbit/s SpaceWire CODEC front-end due out very soon...

17 Nov 2004 - The TMR (Triple Modulo Redundant) 10Mbit/s SpaceWire CODEC is now available and can be requested via our Contact page. Its 400Mbit/s big brother will be along soon...

11 Nov 2004 - Initial (draft) information for the new family of SpaceWire CODEC's released. See the SpaceWire CODEC for further information.

22 Oct 2004 - A new family of SpaceWire CODEC's are comming soon starting from 10MBits/s upto 500MBits/s. See the SpaceWire CODEC for preliminary information.

11 Sep 2004 - Ye olde Pacman is back and he's hungry too. See the Pacman LCD Demo for more information.

6 Sep 2004 - All designs will soon be accompanied by support files for the new Spartan-3 Xilinx boards from Trenz Electronic.

6 Sep 2004 - The SpaceWire UK website is launched!